Zayn "Pillowtalk" (video)

Zayn 'Pillowtalk' (video)
Ahh, the plight of the solo boybander. For some (read: Justin Timberlake) it can be a liberating foray into legitimately interesting artistic exploration. For most, it can lead to a life of terrible reality television and bar brawl bust-ups that will forever fuel gossip mags and TMZ. Well, Zayn Malik is the latest to take the leap, having stepped outside of One Direction to deliver his solo debut single "Pillowtalk."

In an attempt to prove his ascent into adulthood with an accompanying video, he's dropped his surname, dyed his hair a greyish-blonde shade, pulled his girlfriend Gigi Hadid in front of the camera, and dropped a few F-bombs, all before inky black tears begin to trickle down his face.

While it might be too early to come to a conclusive opinion about Zayn's solo success, you can observe the evidence by watching the video for "Pillowtalk" below.