Switzerland’s Zatokrev have created an impressive and artful metal opus here, all in 40 minutes and five songs. The best part about this is that although the band clearly have their influences (Godflesh, Neurosis), it still comes across as something new and fresh. When the melodic, soaring chorus comes in on "C Through,” it becomes clear that this trio is determined to bring some maturity and depth to their take on crushing, slow-paced end time metal. The clean vocals are contrasted with screams that are more high end than Cookie Monster gurgling, — another refreshing touch. The production is clean and smooth, and at times this one breaks free of so many metal constraints it has potential to win over fans of more ambient music as well as the AmRep noise rock crowd. Things begin to drag on a bit at points, but that’s the name of the game when one is immersed in this kind of droning and atmospheric music. When the mood is right, you’ll never want it to end.