Zacht Automaat Treated to Retrospective Release Courtesy of Calico Corp.

Zacht Automaat Treated to Retrospective Release Courtesy of Calico Corp.
For years now, Canadian musician Carl Didur has been making a name for himself in the Toronto scene thanks to his work with the likes of Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, No Dynamics and the Battleship Ethel. Now audio curators Calico Corp. are looking to rein in his Jandek-sized recording output, at least when it comes to his band Zacht Automaat, as the group are getting the greatest-hits style treatment in a new self-titled double-vinyl compilation, due out on November 1.

Made up of Didur and co-conspirator Michael McLean (who works remotely for the time being due to his academic studies at Oxford University), the group have been known to deliver "staggeringly diverse, melodic and adventurous instrumental psych workouts" during their three years together, according to a press release.

But although the duo have only been around a few years, the label had to sift through 11 albums' worth of material to find the best kept moments from their short career. The result is a collection that works as a "formal primer" to the rest of the group's work, which the label ultimately describes as being similar to "Broadcast or Black Dice at its most accessible" while retaining the flavour of the Soft Machine and pre-Autobahn-era Kraftwerk.

The kraut-inspired duo's 27-track collection will be limited to just 333 hand-numbered vinyl copies, but those lucky enough to get their hands on a pair will be treated to an exclusive CD-R of unreleased content, as well as a download code for all material involved.

You can pre-order the comp, which will also be out digitally, from Calico Corp.'s Bandcamp page here. But if you're still not sold on the album, check out the label's retro-inspired commercial for the new release just underneath the double-LP's tracklisting.

You can also check out the band's album release party at Toronto's Grasshopper Records this Saturday (October 12).

Zacht Automaat:

1. Ancaster Heights
2. We're Glad You Agree
3. Don't Worry It Will Be Fine
4. Untitled 1
5. Lost In The Peak District
6. Disturbed Ground
7. Voyage 4
8. Voyage 5
9. Voyage 6
10. Long, Long, Long
11. The Smiling Wilderness
12. A Celestial Event
13. A Trip To See McLean On Holiday Pts. I, II & III
14. Room B10
15. Reprise Surprise / Brief Resolution
16. Museum Robbery Pts. II, III & IV
17. The Green Hills Of Earth
18. Stole Tim's Vox
19. There's Nobody Home
20. Untitled 2
21. Close The Gate
22. Untitled 3
23.Triumphant Bridge
24. Special Dinner
25. George Martin Bit
26. Malnutrition
27. For Mark Robots / A Passing Phase

Zacht Automaat 2XLP Commercial from Calico Corp. on Vimeo.