Your Twenties "Caught Wheel"

Your Twenties 'Caught Wheel'
Whenever a band splits or a member leaves, although you always know it will never be the same, you automatically hope something new will rise from the ashes. Thankfully that is the case with Gabriel Stebbing, the now former bassist of English leftfield pop act Metronomy. Recently Joseph Mount announced Stebbing's departure, saying the reason he left after three years was to focus on his own band, Your Twenties.

Based out of the London (UK) area, Young Twenties are a four-piece who aren't quite as inventive as Stebbing's previous band, but use some of the same bent notes, choppy rhythms and sly pop sense. "Caught Wheel" shares the same angular spunk XTC injected into their late '70s period classics, with the studio shrewdness and melodic punch of celebrated Frenchmen Phoenix. As far as spin-offs go, Your Twenties should satisfy anyone looking for more of Metronomy's wonky goodness.

Listen to Your Twenties - "Caught Wheel" here.