Your Enemies Friends

Like Milemarker rocking out without the same calculated, mathematical sound, Your Enemies Friends unleash an aural onslaught of vaguely Wagnerian origins on the stellar You Are Being Videotaped. Featuring a driving, consistent rhythm section replete with fuzzed-out bass, the distorted leads of chugging electric guitar and ethereal, carnival-like keyboards, the band creates huge sonic landscapes where their songs are allowed the chance to explode like ancient stars. A dynamically diverse album, You Are Being Videotaped has equal parts sweet and sour; songs like "Census” showcase the band’s softer side, featuring gentle keyboard and vocals over intense atmospheric sounds, while the opening "The One Condition” is an immediate assault of sonic extremes. With occasional nods to electro-punk heavy-hitters such as the aforementioned Milemarker, Your Enemies Friends remain a truly original band, rocking the hell out in their own uniquely distorted fashion.