Young Ideas ...To Care For A Baby Bird

Young Ideas' brand of piano pop alternates between bouncy and rhythmic Ben Folds sort of territory and more subtle and atmospheric material that could almost be mistaken for soundtrack fare were it not for key-tickler Mitch Willer's vocal melodies. Piano, drums and bass form the foundations of the five tracks featured on the Toronto band's debut EP, but trumpet and a smattering of found sounds provide some additional colour to the palette. One gets the impression the disc's lo-fi production values aren't entirely indicative of what the trio is going for sound-wise but are perhaps the results of budget constraints instead. A couple of vocal miscues that might otherwise have been redone seem to attest to that. Demo-like idiosyncrasies aside, ...To Care For A Baby Bird creates a favourable first impression along with a desire to hear more. (Bobby Dazzler)