Young Galaxy Swing Your Heartache EP

Though Arts & Crafts has very few signings that are not tangentially connected to one another (only New Buffalo and the Most Serene Republic spring to mind), Young Galaxy straddle the stereotype, as Stephen Ramsay has spent some time with Stars, but his bewitching vocal counterpart, Catherine McCandless, is unattached. Though there are only three tracks on this EP and two of them are on the band’s upcoming debut album, the strength of the music is enough to make one salivate. Taking a slow and steady approach to their evocative waltzes, Ramsay and McCandless’s harmonies are the best part of both the standout title track and the snappily titled "The Sun’s Coming Up and My Plane’s Going Down.” The build-up is half the fun from this band, as once they hit their climax they just keep layering and layering the instruments and moods until all neurons are firing. This isn’t the most fast-paced or inspirational music, but when two people seem to be able to wrap simple ideas in gorgeously gauzy music, one shouldn’t complain. Our appetites are officially whetted. (Arts & Crafts)