You Say Party "The Misunderstanding" (OMD Cover)

You Say Party 'The Misunderstanding' (OMD Cover)
Following up their "Friend" single from earlier this year, reunited BC outfit You Say Party have now delivered their previously hinted-at cover of electro-pop pioneers OMD's "The Misunderstanding."

The track plays true to the chilly OMD version, itself an update of the jumpy post-punk single delivered by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys's previous band, the Id. The brooding new wave redo gets by on a dank, mechanized thud, sinister sinewaves and Becky Ninkovic's slightly fuzzed-out vocal musings.

You can stream or download the cover down below.

Bassist Stephen O'Shea had said that the cover could pop up on a 7-inch sometime in the future, but the release has not been confirmed.