You Can Now Own Mac DeMarco's Ratty Old Couch

All proceeds from the auction will go to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal
You Can Now Own Mac DeMarco's Ratty Old Couch
Earlier this month, Mac DeMarco auctioned off some test pressings to raise money for hurricane relief. If you didn't happen to get your hands on one of those, you could now own the man's ratty old couch through another auction for a good cause.

Montreal label Arbutus Records has listed the wonderfully dilapidated piece of furniture on eBay, offering DeMarco fanatics a chance to own the couch from his days living in the city. The label's ad mentions it was on this very loveseat that DeMarco wrote his 2 LP.

Arbutus also notes that DeMarco has requested all proceeds from the auction go to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal. As of press time, the starting bid on the couch is 99 cents CAD. You can find the item page here.

DeMarco has been steadily promoting his latest LP This Old Dog, which he released earlier this year. He also has a split EP with the Flaming Lips in the works.