Yoko Ono Rock Worth over $22,000 Stolen from Toronto Museum

Yoko Ono Rock Worth over $22,000 Stolen from Toronto Museum
Toronto police are searching for a woman accused of stealing a rock inscribed by Yoko Ono valued at approximately $22,000 CAD ($17,500 USD).

According to police, a woman stole the rock last month from the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, the Canadian Press reports. The rock was part of the installation "Yoko Ono: The Riverbed" with the stolen rock displaying the message "Love Yourself."

The installation is an interactive one, where the public is encouraged to pick up the stones and hold them.

"People can actually go up and interact with it, pick up the rock, say a prayer, meditate, that sort of thing, and then put the rock back," Toronto police spokesperson Gary Long said.

The suspect apparently just picked up the rock and walked away with it.

She is described as 55 to 60 years of age, 5-foot-4, wearing a black coat, a red scarf with black stripes, black pants, a black hat and black shoes. You can see what the suspect looks like below.
  Police are asking anyone with more information about the stolen Ono rock to contact them.