Yo La Tengo Tap De La Soul, RJD2 and Pete Rock for New Remix EP

Sometimes, even just the hint that something great is on the way is enough to make one want to spread the news. Such is the case with the Yo La Tengo "Here to Fall" remix EP.

While little has surfaced online about the release, MBV reports that the EP will feature several reworkings of the epic standout track from the band's 2009 LP Popular Songs.

So far, the announced contributors include hip-hop experimentalist and songwriter RJD2, legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock, and Long Island rap pioneers De La Soul.

Seriously, even if this thing is just three tracks long, it will be worth checking out. And just think of the future collaboration possibilities. De La Tengo, anyone?

Here to Fall Remixes will reportedly be out via Matador on June 8.