Yes We Mystic's Adam Fuhr Launches New Record Label House of Wonders

Hear the label's debut single from Amos the Kid

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 21, 2020

Adam Fuhr of Winnipeg's Yes We Mystic has announced plans to launch a brand new Canadian studio and label called House of Wonders Records.

"House of Wonders is about bringing passionate music from interesting people to new audiences, with a focus on the wellness of our artists. We will be focused on sustainability," explained Fuhr in a statement. "I want to take what I've learned from touring with Yes We Mystic for almost a decade and help guide like-minded musicians to flourish without burning out. It's a tough balance, but it means putting the music first over the chasing of any milestones or accolades. We're trying for a grounded approach."

The label is commemorating its debut by signing its very first artist, Manitoban indie country singer Amos the Kid (f.k.a. Shoal Lake Kid). Today, we have the artist's first single on the label, "What Did You Do," a clear-cut bop that tells the tale of a "messy night at Winnipeg dive bar the Handsome Daughter."

Of his label debut, Amos the Kid expressed his excitement to share his new material with House of Wonders.

The EP is a collection of music that feels somewhat nostalgic to me. Back home kinda songs, nonlinear memories over a wide timeline in my life. I'm excited to finally put something out there, especially with such good talented friends.

The record features performances from Winnipeg darlings Jensen Fridfinnson and Adam Soloway (of Living Hour) and was mastered by Cam Loeppky.

Amos the Kid's debut EP Mountain View arrives from the label on April 3.

For more information about House of Wonder, head over to the label's website.

Listen to "What Did You Do" from Amos the Kid below.

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