Yellow Ostrich Break Up

Yellow Ostrich Break Up
Following a four-year stretch that yielded hundreds of concerts and a handful of records, Brooklyn indie rock outfit Yellow Ostrich announced today (November 7) that they're calling it quits.

The group's Alex Schaaf broke the news in a blog post this morning, confirming that the act's December 8 show at Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery will indeed be their last. It'll be a poignant full-circle moment for the quartet, seeing as their first show as a full band took place at Glasslands in the fall of 2010.

The split is apparently a positive one, with Schaaf noting, "We've had an amazing few years together, and we couldn't be more grateful and satisfied, but the time has come to move on to the next thing."

The outfit's final full-length, Cosmos, was delivered through Barsuk earlier this year.

As for the musicians' next step, Schaaf just released an EP under the name Human Heat, while the rest of Yellow Ostrich "will be doing exciting new things as well."

"It's a sad day but also an exciting one — it feels good to end things on a positive note and to look forward to the future," Schaaf concluded. "As Bobby D said, don't look back. But for one more show, we will, and we're gonna get our shit together and practice up for the final show, it's gonna be a great one!"