Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner Offers Up Orchestral Piece "41 Strings"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner Offers Up Orchestral Piece '41 Strings'
While last month we learned that Karen O is currently prepping a "psycho-opera," it seems she isn't the only Yeah Yeah Yeahs member with symphonic ambitions these days. With that in mind, guitarist Nick Zinner has revealed his latest piece of work, an orchestral tribute to Earth Day called "41 Strings."

Teaming with the Creators Project, who are also working with O on her upcoming piece, Zinner and Soft Circle member Hisham Akira Bharoocha crafted a multi-suite song cycle dedicated to each of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) with the help of a number of violinists, cellists and guitarists.

You can stream the epic, post-rock composition below. You can also download each section individually over at Some Kind of Awesome here.

While it's a world away from the early punk blues or latter-period glossy new wave feel of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it demonstrates that, if anything, Zinner is no one-trick pony.

"Writing this piece was totally different than anything I've done," Zinner said in a video documenting the project, which you can also see below. "I just want to make something that's good and has some sort of emotional resonance, something that's easy for people to connect with. Inspiration-wise, think it all comes from the same place."

41 Strings by creatorsproject