Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O Talks Where the Wild Things Are

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O Talks <i>Where the Wild Things Are</i>
Up until now, Karen O has said very little about her involvement in Spike Jonze's upcoming film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. We know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman has composed the score with Carter Burwell and apparently written a few "songs" for it as well. But other than that, Karen O has said almost zilch about the film, at least until this week.

In an interview with MTV UK [via The Playlist], she finally shed a bit more light on her Where the Wild Things Are work, revealing how she got initially involved in the project and that in fact, all the Yeah Yeah Yeahs contribute to the film's soundtrack. "I guess there is a child-like innocence about my music or my persona that [Spike Jonze] always just kind of dialed into," said Karen O, who used to be romantically involved with the director. "So I guess he thought I should make music for Where the Wild Things Are and I assembled a group of mostly rock musicians to make the music, including [Yeah Yeah Yeahs] Nick [Zinner] and Brian [Chase]." (Remember, though, only Karen O is getting a credit for the score, not Yeah Yeah Yeahs.)

And while she didn't go into detail on what the music sounded like, she gave the film a pretty glowing endorsement, saying: "To play on it was a really amazing experience and I think what [Spike] has accomplished with the film is basically the impossible. There's a lot of stuff that they told me Spike couldn't do that he did it anyway and it was a really inspiring and exciting thing to be a part of."

As previously reported, Deerhunter's Bradford Cox helped out a bit on the score as well, describing Karen O's songs as "radical and honest" in a statement to Pitchfork. Also, Arcade Fire have lent a new version of "Wake Up" to the film's trailer; however, the band's music is reportedly not featured in the actual movie.

Where the Wild Things Are is set to make its theatrical debut on October 16.