Jamie xx "Far Nearer"

Jamie xx 'Far Nearer'
The XX are easily one of the most hyped bands in the UK, having recently claimed the Mercury Prize on the strength of their debut album XX. Despite this fact, they're not promising a second album any time soon. Instead, producer Jamie Smith recently announced that he's been recording music on his own. Now Smith has debuted a solo track called "Far Nearer" on XFM.

 Much more beat-oriented, the song sounds like a much less bummed-out version of Smith's main project. While he still hasn't decided if it will be released under the name Jamie Smith or Jamie XX, "Far Nearer" will be released on a single via Numbers Records in the near future.

A radio rip of "Far Nearer" is available in the YouTube clip below. Keeping in mind that it's a radio rip, the sound quality is lacking and there is some talk with the DJ. Fortunately, it could be argued that a British dude saying "I am loving this" improves any audio recording.