The xx "Open Eyes" (demo)

The xx 'Open Eyes' (demo)
It's about damn time that the XX released some new music. The gloomy British post-punks dropped their debut album back in 2009, netting themselves a Mercury Prize and a whole lot of hype along the way. They're currently working on their sophomore album, and they just released a taste of what they've been up to.

In a new update on their official website, the band posted a demo of the new tune "Open Eyes." It's a pretty rough recording, as it appears to have been made with only an acoustic guitar, a hissy microphone and a whole bunch of reverb. Despite the stripped-down approach, it still gets the point across, and shows that the band's music is just as sparse and creepy as ever.

There's no word as to when the XX's sophomore album will arrive. In the meantime, stream "Open Eyes" below.