The xx "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" (Modjo cover) / "Music Sounds Better with You" (Stardust cover) (ft. Jessie Ware) (live video)

The xx 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)' (Modjo cover) / 'Music Sounds Better with You' (Stardust cover) (ft. Jessie Ware) (live video)
The XX and Jessie Ware are two of Britian's most buzzed-about acts, and they recently teamed up during a Berlin gig to interpolate Stardust's '90s house hit "Music Sounds Better with You" with Modjo's similarly danceable "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)."

This collaboration happened at the XX's Night + Day event on May 18. The XX turned "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" into a darkly thudding post-punk duet before inviting Ware on stage after a minute to sing the hook to "Music Sounds Better with You."

There's an accompanying black and white clip of the performance, although it's not too much to look at, since it was filmed on a single camera from the backstage area.