Wywy Brix Announces Debut Album for 1080p Collection

Wywy Brix Announces Debut Album for 1080p Collection
The wonderfully weird universe of 1080p continues to expand as the Vancouver-based cassette label adds more releases to its collection. Up next is Clear Licorice, a new album from New Zealand producer Wywy Brix.

After working under the moniker Cartoon, the performer found a taste for outsider techno as Wywy Brix. Clear Licorice marks his first full-length endeavour as Wywy and comprises 10 compositions.

As 1080p's write-up explains, the album "uses emotional melodies and repetition to sit on feelings and move the body for a wonky, acid-y take on spirituality stoked on swinging rhythms, romantic vibes and jazz chords." Here, Wywy Brix utilizes "dance music as a vehicle for somatic/catharsis/release/healing."

Clear Licorice will arrive on May 19 via 1080p. The album can be pre-ordered here. Listen to a recent Wywy Brix mix below.

Clear Licorice:

1. Bush Walk
2. Polydactyl
3. wywy b wywy
4. Escilato (ft. Xiao Feng)
5. Jerk That
6. Solar Power
7. Plea
8. Superb B.O.P.
9. Freak Me (ft. Xiao Feng)
10. Jasper