WTF: McDonald's Introduces Beat-Making Placemats

WTF: McDonald's Introduces Beat-Making Placemats
Until recently, the McDonald's placemat was a sheet of paper where the horrid grease from your shameful meal would drip down and stain a child's colouring page. Perhaps in an effort to put the "MC" back in McDonald's, however, the fast food chain is now experimenting with music production.

Yes, everyone's a DJ these days — even those pigging out on a bunch of burgs. As First We Feast points out, McDonald's in the Netherlands recently introduced a music-making placemat called McTrax.

McTrax works with a smartphone app and a headphone jack, and transforms the placemat into a music-making machine when it's all set in place. While it certainly means your phone is in danger of getting soaked in McFlurry slurry and fry salt, it also means you can crank out a quick rap track between bites.

In a statement made to AdWeek, a McDonald's rep said, "This is exactly what McDonald's is. A place to have fun and experience great moments, for everyone."

Only time will tell if McDick's brings this half-cooked idea to North America and creates the next Big Macklemore. Until then, you can cringe your way through a McTrax demonstration video below.