WTF: Lady Gaga Baffles with Born This Way Artwork

WTF: Lady Gaga Baffles with <i>Born This Way</i> Artwork
Little Monsters the world over collectively scratched their heads and likely shed a few tears at the sight of Lady Gaga's newly revealed artwork for her upcoming album Born This Way. The controversial pop songstress tweeted the cover over the weekend, hoping to stoke her devoted, only to have a good portion of them cringing in horror at the god-awful artwork.

While other Gaga album covers have been presented as super-high-glossy affairs, the Born This Way cover looks like a cheap Photoshop job for your metalhead uncle's demo CD-R. Presented as some sort of motorcycle/human hybrid, the singer's head is mounted atop the handlebars of a suped-up chopper with hair streaming in front of her angered visage; her arms clamp down on the front wheel. Save for some shocking red lipstick, the image is in black and white, and the album title is presented in hilarious, shiny chrome bubble letters.

Some fans believed the pic to be a total joke, but Gaga confirmed this is the real deal in a follow-up tweet, which shows a photo of her holding the artwork with the caption: "So happy+free to finally share this w you, riding around with the booklet! Can't believe its here!"

While many wholly embraced the tacky metal artwork as another weird chapter in the singer's career, a number of fans have expressed outrage at the singer's cover choice, voicing disapproval on her twitter feed.

"This is the ugliest shit I ever seen," one fan wrote, while another asked, "So Gaga's a transformer now?"

Our favourite comment so far: "This cover SUCKS! i prefer where she's show her ass naked."

We think she might actually be in the buff, dude. It's just her ass might be a tail pipe now.

Born This Way will be released May 23 on Interscope.