"World's Greatest Record Collection" Sold For Lots of Money

'World's Greatest Record Collection' Sold For Lots of Money
So, how much is the "word’s greatest music collection” worth? Actually, $3,002,150, to be exact. Though not quite as impressive as the $50 million one customer almost put down for it, this is the hefty sum a buyer from Ireland has agreed to shell out for a massive collection of three million records and some 300,000 CDs. And considering that works out to less than a dollar a record, you could say the buyer got himself a pretty sweet deal.

Seller Paul Mawhinney put the collection, a "complete history of the music that shaped five generations,” on eBay earlier this week, and Thursday confirmed the winning bidder had already deposited $300,000 in the bank for the albums. Via The Daily Swarm, Mawhinney said he now plans to use the money to retire.

The sale marks one of the highest ever recorded by eBay, a spokeswoman for the site said, adding that once a Gulfstream II jet sold for $4.9 million.

In other disgustingly high eBay sales, a single acetate copy of "One Mile From Heaven” b/w "Killed by the Hands of an Unknown Rock Star” seven-inch by reclusive folky Bobb Trimble just recently fetched $1,975 on eBay. Again, the money will be used for Trimble’s retirement.

So what is the lesson here? Fuck RRSPs. Buy records.