Woodhands to Explore "How Fucking Insane Love Can Be" on Remorsecapade

Woodhands to Explore 'How Fucking Insane Love Can Be' on  <i>Remorsecapade</i>
This year, Paul Banwatt struck it big as the drummer of the Rural Alberta Advantage, who signed to Saddle Creek and re-released their album Hometowns to widespread critical acclaim. In 2010, he will attempt to keep that same success going with his other band, the electro pop duo Woodhands.

Of course Woodhands is Banwatt's collaboration with Dan Werb, and on January 26 the pair will release their latest album Remorsecapade via Paper Bag Records. As the follow-up to 2008's Heart Attack, it promises to feature more of the same sweaty dance floor rave-ups and emotionally raw songwriting as its predecessor. And yes, that's the cover up there above.

The first single, "Pockets," can be previewed now; beginning with a window-ratting techno groove, it breaks down into a moody R&B bridge before building back up into an energetic coda. Download it for yourself here.

Look for a video for "CP24" to be released in the coming weeks. The song, according to Werb in a statement, is "about my tendency to sensationalize emotions." He adds, "Please note that I haven't actually burned down any of my girlfriends' apartments with roman candles."

According to Werb, the rest of the album "captures the ups and downs and insanity of interpersonal relationships. All pop music is about love, but our pop music is about how fucking insane love can be."

Woodhands are planning to tour Canada in February, although the dates have not yet been revealed.


1. "Pockets"
2. "Talk"
3. "CP24"
4. "Sluts"
5. "Coolchazine"
6. "I Should Have Gone With My Friends"
7. "Dissembler"
8. "When the Party Is Over"
9. "I Want to Be Together"
10. "How to Survive a Remorsecapade (Outro)"