Woodhands Dig Their Way To China For Cultural Exchange Tour

Woodhands Dig Their Way To China For Cultural Exchange Tour
Forget Royal Albert Hall. Forget Budokan. Today it’s all about China, so that’s exactly where Woodhands are heading. After firing up sweaty dance parties across Canada and the U.S., the sex-hungry Toronto duo are set to bring their lovesexy grooves to the billion strong of China, and taste some delicacies along the way.

From May 27 to June 1, Woodhands will take residence in Beijing as part of the Transmit China cultural exchange, an entertainment trade mission between China and Canada to showcase export-ready artists from both countries. The duo will be part of a convoy of 49 other Canadian delegates, who range from managers, agents, labels and artists such as Buck 65, Champion and You Say Party! We Say Die!

So what do Woodhands have planned in China? "Well, a hella dance party,” singer/keytar maestro Dan Werb tells Exclaim! "I'm hoping that playing in a country of over one billion people means that high attendance is guaranteed. We're going to rock out our sex-fuelled live show as hard as we possibly can and then I'm personally going to sample every single northern Chinese delicacy that I possibly can.”

And what are Woodhands expecting? "Honestly, I think the response is going to be really positive. I've heard from people who have played out there that the response is great. Dandi Wind just toured China so I'm pretty sure that they like electro out there. And if they don't like it yet, we'll do our usual hard sell and make them like it. It's the Woodhands way!”

Upon Woodhands’ return, the band will be heading out on the road again in Canada, with the dates to be announced shortly.