Wolves in the Throne Room Return with 'Celestial Lineage'

Wolves in the Throne Room Return with 'Celestial Lineage'
Celebrated Pacific Northwest black metal group Wolves in the Throne Room have established themselves as one of the genre's heaviest hitters in North America. Now, they have revealed plans to follow up 2009's Black Cascade with their fourth album.

The new record is called Celestial Lineage and will complete the trilogy of albums that includes 2007's Two Hunters and the aforementioned Black Cascade. The upcoming album includes an appearance from Jessika Kenney's liturgical choir and solo voice, along with Isis's Aaron Turner, who also painted the album art (see above). Drummer Aaron Weaver described the album's writing process with the following statement:

An ornate constellation of imagery is what that guides the songwriting process. Cedar temples crowned with burnished bronze domes glimpsed in a remote valley. Wild midsummer bonfires and feasting on roasted flesh. All of the sounds serve to evoke the images that exist in our minds eye. With this record we're going to explore an entirely new palette of sound. We want the instruments to sound like the liturgical music of a cedar cult.

Celestial Lineage will be available on September 13 via Southern Lord. The album's tracklisting is listed below.

Wolves in the Throne Room have also announced a full North American tour, including Canadian stops in Toronto and Montreal. All dates are available below.

Tour dates:

8/28 Olympia, WA - TBA
8/31 Minneapolis, MN - The Medusa
9/1 Chicago, IL - Reggie's Rock Club
9/2 Louisville, KY - Rudyard Kippling
9/3 Cincinnati, OH - The Mockbee
9/5 Saginaw, MI - Jamestowne Hall
9/6 Toronto, ON - Soybomb HQ
9/8 Montreal, QC - Death Church
9/10 Bucksport, ME - The Kave
9/11 Providence, RI - TBA
9/12 Brooklyn, NY - The Bell House
9/14 Washington, DC - TBA
9/15 Philadelphia, PA - Broad Street Ministries
9/16 Bethlehem, PA - TBA
9/17 Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
9/18 Greensboro, NC - Legitimate Business
9/20 Sheffield, AL - JD's
9/21 Nashville, TN - The Little Hamilton
9/22 Atlanta, GA - Magnetic Theater
9/23 St. Petersburg, FL - The Chop Shop
9/24 Tallahassee, FL - The Farside Collective
9/25 New Orleans, LA - TBA
9/27 Austin, TX - TBA

Celestial Lineage:

1. "Thuja Magus Imperium"
2. "Permanent Changes in Consciousness"
3. "Subterranean Initiation"
4. "Rainbow Illness"
5. "Woodland Cathedral"
6. "Astral Blood"
7. "Prayer of Transformation"