Wolfpack Unleashed Anthems of Resistance

Unsurprising thrash metal that evokes comparisons to Metallica’s James Hetfield delivering vocals in The Black Album style over moderate heavy metal, Anthems of Resistance is like the junior brother idolising the senior. It desperately wants to be thrash metal but in the end, it’s not thrash at all. In this instance, Wolfpack Unleashed are one of few Germanic thrash bands that don’t embrace their anger and rage quite as readily as the rest of the Deutschland crew. Generally, while this foreign take would benefit a band in sounding unique, in this case, it feels like a stutter or half step as opposed to "unleashed” venom. When the band fully embrace their obvious interest in scene heavyweights such as Megadeth and Testament — thereby intensifying dominant riffs and rhythmic prowess — they will be a powerful force. Until then though, albums such as this feel like hesitant glances towards aspiration. (Napalm)