Wolf Parade Shed More Light on Hiatus

Wolf Parade Shed More Light on Hiatus
Yesterday (November 29), we received word that Wolf Parade would be taking a break, as singer Dan Boeckner told a Toronto, ON crowd last Friday (November 26), "This is the last song we'll ever play." Although the situation sounded worrying, Boeckner has now confirmed that the hiatus is not a result of bad blood, but rather to give the band members an opportunity to work on other projects.

"Wolf Parade's taking a break, except we are playing Sasquatch! in the gorge, so that's our one show next year," he told AUX. "I'm making another record with the Handsome Furs. Arlen [Thompson] from Wolf Parade's producing it again and Howard Bilerman going to work on it. And after this tour's over, I'm heading to Yugoslavia -- or ex-Yugoslavia -- with the Furs."

This isn't the first time that the musicians have stepped away from Wolf Parade. Following 2008's At Mount Zoomer, they took a break due to the departure of keyboardist Hadji Bakara. "We also lost a member at the end of the last tour, which was kind of sudden, so we wanted to at least take a year off and just sort of plan out really well what we wanted to do," Boecker recalled.

While he didn't give any indication as to when the band would get back together, he reaffirmed his love of the project, saying, "I've always thought of Wolf Parade as kind of an artier, fancier garage band. Like a bunch of buddies getting together, having some beers, writing some songs and getting some feelings out."

Wolf Parade's Sasquatch! Music Festival gig is coming up in May. Once that's over, it'll be time to brace ourselves for some side-projects.