Wolf Evil Star

Sweden’s Wolf play unabashed, unashamed old school metal, with much success. One look at that incredible band photo and it’s obvious these guys aren’t going for any cool points. And that’s why we love ’em so, and that’s why credible rising indie Prosthetic picked ’em up for these shores, bless their metal hearts. Evil Star continues along the lines of the band’s last album, the awesome Black Wings. We’re talkin’ melodic, moshable yet kind of epic tunes with tons of great riffs, hooks and funny sung vocals. Yup, we’re talkin’ Maiden alright, but somehow Wolf just whoops Maiden’s ass as far as writing a good, enjoyable song goes. The Peter Tagtgren production suits the band just fine, delivering these instantly memorable tunes in a cloak of metallic warmth. No doubt this will just be too metal, too silly for lots of folks. But keep in mind these guys are serious about their craft, and although I’m sure they can have a good laugh at themselves like any metalhead who knows what’s up can, they mean business. Sincere old school metal, and it sounds oh so good. (Prosthetic)