Wold Reissue 'Freermasonry' Through Ideologic Organ

Wold Reissue 'Freermasonry' Through Ideologic Organ
Regina-based metal unit Wold first delivered their latest set Freermasonry on CD in 2011, but the long-running outfit will have the album pressed on vinyl this spring through Sunn O))) member Stephen O'Malley's Editions Mego side-label Ideologic Organ, which serves up the double-LP pressing on April 30.

While described in a press release as a merging of noise, metal and electronics, Wold's most recent LP is "ultimately enigmatic and entirely unknowable." Lyrically, the song cycle features poems and discourses written by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Fortress Crookedjaw that are based around Masonic symbolism, Biblical scripture, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust.

"During 'SOL,' the Mother allusion is referenced out of Faust Part Two. It's a small portion and short moment. Faust does an invocation to the Mothers, but the execution is as trickery through occult charlatanism and not truly believed ritual," Fortress Crookedjaw explained in a statement. "Goethe found passages about dark goddess figures known as Mothers in the writings of Plutarch. The metaphor is ambiguous, generally associated with creative dark force and will, but reared in a potent lie. I use it in correlation with screech owl as atheistic reactionary sentiment."

Sonically, the album is said to be an "elegantly constructed nightmare" full of "serrated screams, static bursts, and feedback flares." You can sample extreme album track "Working Tools for Praxis" down below.


1. Opening

2. SOL
3. Free Goat of Leviticus
4. Annex Axe
5. Dragon Owl Didacticism
6. Working Tools for Praxis

7. Dry Love
8. Free Eyes
9. Freermasonry

10. Concordant Body