Wiz Khalifa Arrested on Drug Charges

Wiz Khalifa Arrested on Drug Charges
Pittsburgh, PA rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested on a number of drug-related charges following a concert on Greenville, NC last night (November 8). After a performance at the East Carolina University, the hip-hopper was picked up by the police for multiple marijuana-related charges, including trafficking marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a place of sale for marijuana.

According to All Hip Hop, a large amount of the drug was found on Khalifa's tour bus, but the information of the exact amount has yet to be released.

Unfortunately, the pro-pot rhymer may have brought all of this upon himself. If the title of his current "Waken Baken Tour 2010" wasn't suspect enough, a tweet posted on his Twitter account before his arrest last night read, ""Smoke outs greenville, nc tonight. Fall thru wit ur finest plant life." Now, that's just asking for trouble.

The performer spent the night in jail, but was released earlier this morning (November 9).

Since his release, he has continued to tweet his fans about the incident. "Man, jail sux!" he posted. Too true, Wiz Khalifa, too true.