Wiz Khalifa "100 Bottles" (video)

Wiz Khalifa '100 Bottles' (video)
Wiz Khalifa's fall-launched Cabin Fever 2 mixtape featured a number of party jams, including the drinks-clinkin' "100 Bottles." Fittingly, the rapper has now dropped a bar-set video for the track.

That said, the party doesn't seem particularly bumpin'. It kind of looks as if they shot this thing off-hours, as there's no one really there save the studded-fedora-sporting spitter and a dozen of his cronies. And for all that talk of multiple dranks being passed around, they only seem to have cracked the cap off one icy blue bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Plus, one dude's getting especially greedy when the gin comes his way.

But they've also got a bag of weed to roll, and they seem pretty entertained by huddling mosh-pit style behind the bar, so at least some fun was to be had. You can check out the modest boys night out down below.