Witches On Parade

Detroit seems to have an unlimited supply of cool garage bands. Another one that's worth keeping an eye out for is the Witches (another cool garage band name as well). With a history the size of a science textbook, the band really is just one man with a lot of perseverance. Troy Gregory, who formed the band back in 1996 after a friend's recommendation, has had a revolving door line-up that has included members of the Dirtbombs, Outrageous Cherry, the Sights and Electric 6. With his fourth album, On Parade, the Witches seem to be in a position to cash in on the current wave of Detroit rock sensations. Gregory might not have the bluesy charm of Jack White or the pop hooks of the Sights, but his knack for writing psychedelic-flavoured rock'n'roll is a real gift. Watch out for these high flying Witches. (Fall of Rome)