Wiskey Biscuit Wiskey Biscuit

Hot on the trail of their NYC pals the Strokes, Wiskey Biscuit are following the neo-garage movement quite closely. In their case though, the garage isn't so straightforward, tending to fade in and out every couple of songs. This self-titled album (comprised of their first two releases) sees this seven-piece band sample everything from power pop and alt-country to psychedelia and reggae, of all things. Yes, "Hidin' In My Kitchen" is a bit of a surprise the first time around, but it's actually not half bad for reggae done by a bunch of NY hipsters. Elsewhere, the band explore influences like the Rolling Stones for "Kids Hangin' Out" and the Flying Burrito Brothers on "Trailerpark Sweetheart," showing Ryan Adams that he's not the only one who can do it. They won't turn too many heads with this release, but you get the feeling that there's going to be something good in store for their next (proper) release. (Loose)