Wire's Colin Newman Readies New Githead Full-Length

Wire's Colin Newman Readies New Githead Full-Length
Wire front-man Colin Newman has enjoyed a return to the spotlight since his highly influential post-punk band have reunited. Now, however, the British guitarist seems more focused on his latest side-project, Githead. The band have actually released two albums and an EP in recent years, and have readied their third full-length.

Titled Landing, the album will be out on November 10 on the group's own Swim label. According to a press release, the album boasts "minimalist guitar patterns, [the band's] supremely catchy melodic sense... propulsive bass rumble [and a] solid, steady drive," calling the album "Githead's most accomplished recording to date."

However, the same press release also says the band's career has "boasted more 5-star reviews than most bands have had hot dinners," so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Information on the record, including all of its lyrics, can be viewed here.


1. "Faster"
2. "Take Off"
3. "Before Tomorrow"
4. "Landing"
5. "Ride"
6. "Over The Limit"
7. "Lightswimmer"
8. "From My Perspective"
9. "Displacement & Time"
10. "Transmission Tower"