Wintersleep Plot 'The Great Detachment' LP

Wintersleep Plot 'The Great Detachment' LP
In 2012, Haligonian indie rockers Wintersleep joined the major label world by signing with Capitol/EMI for Hello Hum. Although they're since been off our radars for a couple of years, they have been playing some Canadian live dates as of late, and now they're getting ready to return for their sixth LP.

Although the band haven't made any formal announcements, drummer Loel Campbell told Aesthetic Magazine that the record would be called The Great Detachment, which will tentatively arrive in February.

UPDATE (12/03, 11:00 a.m.): The band have now confirmed that they have signed to Dine Alone for the new album. 

Writing sessions began two years ago, and Campbell said that Wintersleep recorded 11 songs for the album live off the floor at Halifax's Sonic Temple Recording Studio last September. They then took those recordings to the band's own Montreal studio and eventually completed them early this year. The album was co-produced by returning studio collaborator Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian). That's a photo of the band in the studio above.

They have road-tested some of the songs, and Campbell said that the album includes "a lot of upbeat stuff." Regarding The Great Detachment's title, he explained, "It's a lyric in one of the songs. We've recently split with our manager that we worked with since 2005, we took a year off, these are the first shows that we've played in a year. It feels like we kind of hit the reset button a bit, which is good. It's nice to come back to things fresh."

Wintersleep didn't have an active record deal when they were making the album, adding to the sense of restarting with a blank slate. Song titles include "Metropolis" and "Who Are You?"

Meanwhile, Wintersleep just released a new, modern-sounding version of their Welcome to the Night Sky single "Weighty Ghost." Featuring Amy Millan, it was made for the CTV show Saving Hope. Hear the electronic-leaning version below (along with the original, for the sake of comparison).

Tour dates:

09/26-27 Port Hope - Memorial Hope *

* with the Strumbellas, Gentlemen Husbands