WIN WIN & Absolutely Free "Don't Freak Out" / "Burred Lens" (remixes)

WIN WIN & Absolutely Free 'Don't Freak Out' / 'Burred Lens' (remixes)
Brooklyn three-piece WIN WIN released their third record Primaries earlier this year, while experimental Toronto unit Absolutely Free offered up their self-titled debut in late 2014 — both efforts seeing release courtesy of Arts & Crafts.
Now the labelmates have teamed up for a remix swap that hears each band taking on a track by the other. WIN WIN opted to redo Absolutely Free's "Burred Lens," while the latter took on the former's "Don't Freak Out."
"Don't Freak Out" gets remade into an echoing, drawn-out, synth-driven instrumental, while the reworked version of "Burred Lens" opens with minimalist electronic accompaniment and distant-sounding vocals before building into a burst of bleeps, bloops and soothing beats.
You can give both tracks a listen in the first player below and watch accompanying 3D visual loops for the songs in the players past that. Both bands will be playing Arts & Crafts' showcase at Pop Montreal tomorrow (September 19) with the Cribs, River Tiber and Charlotte Day Wilson. Arts & Crafts is handing out free cassette samplers to the first 100 people through the doors. The tape features tracks from the artists on the bill, as well as from other recent A&C acts.