Wim Wenders Gets Exclusive Tracks from Grinderman, Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney for Palermo Shooting Soundtrack

Wim Wenders Gets Exclusive Tracks from Grinderman, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney for <i>Palermo Shooting</i> Soundtrack
European filmmaker Wim Wenders has been cranking out films for decades now, though recent ones have lagged a bit in quality. Take 2008's Palermo Shooting, which premiered at Cannes before disappearing into oblivion. Despite cameos from Dennis Hopper, Milla Jovovich and even Wenders's old bud Lou Reed, the film was mostly reviled due to its all-over-the-place philosophizing and far-fetched plot.

Still, Wenders did manage to tap a ton of indie heavy-hitters for the film's soundtrack. As The Playlist points out, the film's soundtrack has just been released in North America via 101 Distribution and includes cuts from Beirut, Jason Collett, Portishead, Calexico and Iron & Wine.

The soundtrack also features exclusive tracks from Grinderman, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney (performing together), and '70s German folk queen Sibylle Baier.

Considering the fact that this film will likely never see a wide release in North America, the soundtrack can at least stand on its own as a solid compilation.

Palermo Shooting tracklisting:

1. Grinderman "Dream (Song For Finn)"
2. Get Well Soon "Busy Hope"
3. Portishead "The Rip"
4. Irmin Schmidt "Bei Flavia I"
5. Iron & Wine "Freedom Hangs Like Heaven"
6. The Long Winters "(It`s A) Departure"
7. Calexico "The Black Light"
8. The Velvet Underground "Some Kinda Love"
9. Thom "Beds In The East"
10. Irmin Schmidt "Fresko"
11. Beirut "Postcards From Italy"
12. Fabrizio De André "Quello Che Non Ho"
13. Jason Collett "We All Lose One Another"
14. Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney "Torn And Brayed"
15. Monta "My Impropriety"
16. Sibylle Baier "Let Us Know"
17. Irmin Schmidt "Bei Flavia II"
18. Rosa Balistreri "Quannu Moru"
19. Grinderman "Song For Frank"
20. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man "Mysteries"
21. Get Well Soon "Good Friday"