Will Currie and the Country French Gear Up for Awake, You Sleepers!, Unveil New Single

Will Currie and the Country French Gear Up for <i>Awake, You Sleepers!</i>, Unveil New Single
If you Google the title of Awake, You Sleepers!, you'll discover that Will Currie and the Country French have been talking about releasing an album of that name as far back as 2009. Still, we haven't yet heard the follow-up to the Ontario group's debut EP, 2008's A Great Stage.

Now, it looks as if the band will finally be dropping their first full-length. In a message posted yesterday (March 28) on their official blog, the band revealed that Awake, You Sleepers! is now slated to come out in October. Yep, that's a long ways away, but according to past reports, it will come out via Sloan's Murderecords.

This announcement was accompanied by a free download of the single "Tommy Douglas." Along with its ultra-Canadian lyrics, the song has got a bouncy waltz-time piano rhythm and an expansive, harmony-laden breakdown.

According to the blog post, the track is "a reminder of what greatness in glasses can be. We like our politicians the way we like our coffee: honest, compassionate, honest, diligent, and also pretty honest."

Download it in exchange for an email address from the widget below.

Back in April of last year, frontman Will Currie told NiagaraThisWeek that the album was finished, but that it was "being held up in bureaucracy." It's been a long time coming, but it's good to hear that it's finally on the way.

UPDATE: Awake, You Sleepers! is now due out on October 11 via File Under: Music.