Wilco To Release (The Album)

Wilco To Release (<i>The Album</i>)
Beloved Chicago indie twangsters Wilco have announced the details for their upcoming seventh studio album and follow-up to 2007's decent Sky Blue Sky. The album will be out in late June via their label, Nonesuch. The best part of the news? They've called it Wilco (The Album).

Making such unpredictable and fun decisions is what attracted the legions of loving fans Wilco have in droves, so its apt that the album's first track, titled "Wilco the Song," is dedicated to the band's fans. Besides that, Rolling Stone has a breakdown of the record here, and it seems typically diverse for the enduring group.

As we previously reported, Wilco (The Album) will feature a collaboration with Leslie Feist.

Wilco's latest release is the Ashes of American Flags DVD, which was released on Record Store Day (April 18) and officially this past Tuesday (April 28).

Wilco (The Album) tracklisting:

1. "Wilco the Song"
2. "Deeper Down"
3. "One Wing"
4. "Bull Black Nova"
5. "You and I"
6. "You Never Know"
7. "Country Disappeared"
8. "Solitaire"
9. "I'll Fight"
10. "Sunny Feeling"
11. "Everlasting"