Wilco Announce First Release for Their dBpm Imprint

Wilco Announce First Release for Their dBpm Imprint
While alt-country luminaries Wilco unveiled their new record label dBpm last January, the outfit hadn't outlined when exactly they would be following up their 2009 set, Wilco (The Album). Four months on, the group have finally rolled out the label's first release: a new seven-inch due out this summer.

A post on the group's Facebook page explains that dBpm's inaugural single will feature new tune "I Might" on the A-side, with the flip sporting a Nick Lowe-penned number called "I Love My Label." How fitting!

An exact release date has yet to be set, but the first copies of the record will be sold at Wilco's Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA, which runs June 24 to 26. Wilco themselves will headline the first two nights of the fest.

It's unclear how limited the single will be, but the platter is said to be "available to the rest of the world sometime in July." Hopefully they aren't all snagged at Solid Sound.

The band capped the briefing with "more recording news to come very, very soon. Standby." Hopefully, this means there will be more singles to come, or better yet, a full album. We'll keep our ear to the ground on this on, for sure.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the tip.

UPDATE: As Spin reports, the upcoming Wilco album has the working title of Get Well Soon Everybody. Apparently, the group have so far laid down 20 tracks, with frontman Jeff Tweedy saying, "I do think it's a little bit more obnoxious and irreverent of a pop record than people have heard from us, maybe, ever. And that's exciting. But I have no doubt that the second this record becomes available there's somebody sitting in a basement at their computer with the word 'meh' already typed up, waiting to post a review."