WickedWitches "Dead Seas, Black Mud" (video)

WickedWitches 'Dead Seas, Black Mud' (video)
Toronto's WickedWitches have just release a new track called "Dead Seas, Black Mud," and the video is every bit as dark as you'd expect for a song of that name.

The song is a hymnal art-blues rocker, and the accompanying black and white video shows some women in vintage garb sitting down for a picnic in the park. They all dig into an icky cake from a hairy-handed chef, and this seems to get them a bit intoxicated before the entrance of some spooky pond monsters.

It was directed by Doomsqaud's Trevor Blumas. Watch it below.

This song comes from the new single 2 Takes From 6 Mile Lake. The single will be released with a Toronto show at Magpie on September 27 with the Auras, Marriage and Killer Wails.

WickedWitches - Dead Seas, Black Mud from Trevor Blumas on Vimeo.