Why? Drummer Josiah Wolf Announces Solo Debut

Why? Drummer Josiah Wolf Announces Solo Debut
Besides possessing one of the best names known to man, multi-instrumentalist Josiah Wolf is also known for his role with post-hip-hop experimentalists Why?. Fronted by his younger brother Yoni Wolf, Josiah plays the drums in that band, and now he'll step into the limelight with a solo release.

Titled Jet Lag, the album is Josiah Wolf's first under his own name. According to his label, Anticon, the album was a long time coming for Wolf.

"In 2006, he bought a guitar and began to teach himself Silver Jews songs in secret," the press release says. "Unbeknownst to even his brother, he took vocal lessons and practised several hours a day, hoping to coax out the voice he'd always known was there. The lyrics came, and the music too. His obsessive dedication took place between tours, and on them as well - on a week-long stay in Berlin with WHY?, he'd escape to an old graveyard each day in order to play."

And while Wolf played all the instruments himself, he still recruited his little brother Yoni to mix the effort, thereby keeping it in the Why? family. If lead track "The Truck and the Trailer" is any indication, the release will add a significant amount of rap to the Wolf brothers' canon of twisted songs. Check out the track here.

Jet Lag will be released by Anticon on March 2.

Jet Lag:

1. "The Truck and the Trailer"
2. "Master Cleanse (California) "
3. "The Opposite Of Breathing"
4. "The New Car"
5. "Skull In The Ice"
6. "The Apart Meant"
7. "That Kind Of Man"
8. "Ohioho"
9. "Is The Body Hung"
10. "In The Seam"
11. "Gravity Defied"
12. "The One Sign"