Who Wants to Open for Wu-Tang in Hawaii?

Who Wants to Open for Wu-Tang in Hawaii?
Hip-hop-oriented download/social networking site Loud.com has announced a contest where you can win a chance to open up for the Wu-Tang Clan in Oahu, Hawaii. Yeah, seriously.

According to the site, contestants are supposed to take beats supplied by the RZA himself and create their own composition. Once the contest ends, Loud will narrow the entries down to ten, and then Bobby Digital himself will pick the winner.

Here are the details:

"From July 18th through August 20th, 2007, Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA will be featuring beats on the site as part of an exclusive contest. Users will have the opportunity to rock one of these classic cuts as their own and submit it for review. LOUD.com's official A&R staff will judge these tracks and then select a Top 10. From that Top 10, Prince Rakeem himself will hand-pick a winner. That's right RZA will be listening to your music.

After the winner is announced on August 27th, said emcee will pack bags and lace up the dunks because he or she will accompany RZA and the entire Wu-Tang Clan to Oahu, Hawaii, where he or she will be the official opening act for the Wu at Rock The Bells on September 1, 2007. SRC is paid, so they're also going to hook up travel and hotel accommodations for the winner and one guest. So, basically, you'd rock your set, scoop yer shorty, kick back with a Blue Hawaiian and watch the Wu get grimy. On the beach. Ahh, America.

Peep knowledge, this is the real deal, kids. Rifkind and Safina ARE NOT PLAYING! Wu-Tang. Hip hop. Hawaii. Free. Protect ya neck, this shit is gonna be RIDICULOUS."

Unfortunately, Loud.com doesn't show much love for Canadians, as this contest is only open to U.S. citizens. So go tell all your American friends to knock the RZA's socks off.

Wu-Tang Clan "Gravel Pit"