White Reaper / Pillar Point "Half Bad" / "Eyeballs"

White Reaper / Pillar Point 'Half Bad' / 'Eyeballs'
Prolific Vancouver label Kingfisher Bluez is continuing in its Buddy System singles club, which features 7-inch splits curated by like-minded imprints from around the world. The latest release was helmed by Polyvinyl, and it features the bands White Reaper and Pillar Point.

White Reaper's side is "Half Bad," a punk-y scorcher that charges ahead with catchy melodies, manic drum fills and lovably rinky-dink keyboards. Halfway through, it shifts into a triumphant bridge before returning to the original feel in the final moments.

Pillar Point's contribution is a little mellower and dreamier. The song is called "Eyeballs," and it's a sprightly pop ditty with soft pop melodies and twinkling synth swoops.

Stream both songs below. Subscriptions to Buddy System are still available here.