White Mice Ganjahovahdose

Easily one of the most fucked-up, experimental, industrial-tinged noise grind bands to date, Providence, RI's White Mice never cease to shock thanks to the vicious onslaught of technical noise, overbearing distortion and shrieking vocals they've blasted out since 2001. Here, on their sixth official full-length, Ganjahovahdose, the trio actually manage to step up their explosive, experimental cacophony. The album's ten bouts become even more devolved and sordid, with an overall sentiment of the elemental aspects of Godflesh colliding ― in the most literal sense ― with the savagery of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. But even that album has slightly more musicality to it than this beast, which isn't to say it doesn't knock one's socks off. Ganjahovahdose is powerful and jaw-dropping thanks to its determined, overbearing attitude. This is a great conversation starter/finisher, even if it's not exactly the first thing you'd reach for when wanting to really get into a groove, of any sort. (20 Buck Spin)