White Lung "Bag" (video)

White Lung 'Bag' (video)
Vancouver punk quartet White Lung have received plenty of acclaim so far for their recently released sophomore LP Sorry, but one fan takes his adoration a little too far in the new video for album track "Bag."

Here, the band go through all the trouble of scattering their gear throughout some East Van alleys for a multi-block band jam, and a dude in a balaclava comes by and snatches each member from their spot. Vocalist Mish Way seems pretty distressed about getting dragged by her ankles out towards an unsettling backwoods setting, while drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou coolly taps her thighs with her sticks as her back scrapes the soil.

It all works out in the end when they wrap up the tune in a branch-strewn backdrop, but there's gotta be a better way to book a private performance.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Sorry is out now via Deranged.