White Lung "Atlanta"

White Lung 'Atlanta'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Vancouver, BC female noise-punk trio White Lung have added a fourth member (an unnamed male guitarist) and to celebrate, the band are, apparently, releasing a brand new seven-inch. I say "apparently" because, while there is no explanation, track listing or any other info readily available on the band's MySpace page, a blog post titled "WE MADE A VIDEO" says "The song is off our new 7 inch."

The song itself is classic White Lung; fast and furious with "fuck you"-style vocals, while the video is so lo-fi, DIY it's not even funny. It kind of reminds me of a video made by another lo-fi girl group from Vancouver.

The video credits the track to "Deranged," which could mean that the record will be coming out on Deranged Records. When, however, is anybody's guess.

Watch White Lung's "Atlanta" below: