White Collar Criminals Invest-mentality

Office workers of the world, it's time to unite under the banner of the White Collar Criminals. The Suspended Animators production duo combined with MCs Jon?Doe and Sankofa over one weekend to make this album about, you guessed it, white collar criminals. Although Invest-mentality's concept doesn't always hold, this is music that Office Space's Michael Bolton would still feel comfortable rocking on his way to work. The production is offered up almost equally by Ognish's organic instrumentation and Manic Depressive's heavier samples, although Ognish comes out the winner most often with banging tracks for the office thugs, like "WCC Theme Song" and "The Fletcher-Munsen Curve." It's on these songs that Sankofa's rapid-fire delivery and Jon?Doe's sing-song weaving flow mesh best, leaving one wishing all the songs were this damn good. Still, even when WCC are biting KRS for their "remake" track "The Bridge," they're doing it with a twist. The only complaint would be the Slim Shady moments on "Multiplicity," which is otherwise a good song. In the hidden words of WCC, "take stuff from work, it's the best way to feel good about your low paying job," and it's also the best way to save money to buy Invest-mentality while you yourself become a white collar criminal. Heck, you're probably going to get laid off soon anyway. (Indi Pennant)