Wetnurse Invisible City

Wetnurse’s Invisible City is a churning, beastly fusion of extreme music’s most Neanderthal elements. Desperate, seedy and vicious, frothing and spiteful, it ignores any progress hardcore, death metal and stoner rock have made in the past decade, preferring to wallow in the passion of formation. At the same time, because the band are able to infuse aspects such as acoustic interludes into their Bad Brains-meets-grindcore attack, the end result on these eight songs is impressively advanced, especially for a sophomore release. Clocking in at a seemingly expedient 50 minutes, the ebb-and-flow of Invisible City is more aural journey than straightforward listening experience. Hearing the aggressive commingling of metallic sub-genres and their creative outcomes is equal parts insightful and eerie, an unusual exercise in intelligent brutality. (Seventh Rule)