Wet Spots Ribbed for Pleasure

The union of comedy and music is not always a comfortable one, yet when it does work it is a truly wonderful thing. But to be able to do it in a way that is subtle and clever is even tougher, and that is exactly what Vancouver duo the Wet Spots do. The Wet Spots sing funny, dirty songs, but unless you listen closely, you might not even notice. The music is light jazz, with acoustic guitars and a splash of vibes. Yet the songs spin sordid tales, without using any rude words at all, or as they like to say, only using words you can use on CBC Radio. While most comedy records have a real limited appeal, and to a certain extent even Ribbed for Pleasure suffers from that particular problem, there are a few songs here that really do warrant repeated listens. Some of that is due to the music itself being rather good while a lot of it is due to the witty lyrics. That is particularly true of "Do You Take It?,” a song that asks that most delicate question about an individual’s penchant for anal intrusion — it is almost worth the price of admission by itself. The six other songs range from really funny to simply smile-inducing, but there’s enough funny stuff to make it worth a listen. (Independent)